Cruising the Caribbean

At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, the last couple of years have been surreal. To go through a global pandemic together with the rest of the world, yet alone with one’s COVID cohort has been life changing, life affirming, and given us an ability to grow in ways we never expected. It’s also been hard, lonely and made us give up some things we loved. At times it was scary, and at times I was so busy adjusting to the change that I didn’t even think about it. I went from interacting externally and internally with coworkers in person every day to spending most of my days at a small desk in my bedroom on virtual conference calls during the week while only seeing one live person each day for months – my husband, Russell. Russell and I learned, we can be together all the time and do so happily! He is still not willing to risk it full time an RV though!

At my desk in my home office.

Travel Together/Stay Together

Russell and I like to be together. We want to do things separately too, but we are a team. One of our common traits is we are both travelers. We’ve explored many parts of the world together. It’s something we crave. COVID tried to stop us, but we love the adventure of travel so much that we purchased a “new to us” RV in October of 2020, becoming weekend road warriors. Honestly, who doesn’t love a good road trip?
We even braved airline travel with masks, hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, and social distancing to go to Las Vegas when no one else was traveling. It was great having Las Vegas to ourselves.

Beach time in Judy, our RV
Hiking at Mt. Charleston, NV

The Road Less Travelled

That’s kind of who we are, though – we travel when and where others would not. We went to the Middle East and saw Israel and Jordan during heightened security sensitivities. We went to Paris during garbage strikes. And now we are cruising. We like to go places where others do not because it allows us to be in what would otherwise be very crowded locations without those crowds.
But oh, how we have missed overseas travel!

In the Wadi Rum desert – Jordan

Cruise Restart 2021

With the restart of the cruise industry, I booked us passage on the Celebrity Edge to the Eastern and Western Caribbean. Two whole weeks on a back-to-back itinerary. (Please don’t worry. We are fully vaccinated and traveling on a cruise line with 100% fully vaccinated passengers and crew sailing at less than 40% capacity. The ability to social distance is easy. Not only does that make us feel safer, but there are no lines for anything.)

The blue, blue Caribbean Sea.
Burrata Appetizer in Luninae on the Edge
Sunset cruise in St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.

The Littles Love To Cruise

The people on the cruise are just as excited to be here as we are – crew and passengers, which makes for a fun cruise!
Russell and I have always loved a good cruise. Our first cruise was our honeymoon 38 years ago. We have since taken six others. It’s such a relaxing way to vacation. You don’t have to pack and unpack a bag, the food is excellent, plenty of activities if you want to stay busy, and we always meet lovely people.

Retreat Deck on Celebrity Edge
The Martini Bar on the Edge

Our Favorite Cruise Line is…

Celebrity is our favorites. The service is above and beyond, and they emphasize dining, so the food is fantastic. I hear from my friends who like shows that maybe the performances are not as spectacular as some other lines, but we’ve never been show people. They have great live music (which we do love) at all of the bars every night and on deck every day. The vibe is laid back. The staff are fabulous. I get to relax, recharge and take in the beauty of the tropics and the ship. After all there is not bluer water than the Caribbean Sea. The only downside is the diet when I get home.

In St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. August 2021

Happy, safe, and healthy travels, everyone. We are having a great time. We both needed this vacation.

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