Election Day

There was a time in my not too distant past that this day, Election Day, was my biggest day of the year. Everything came to down this. I often had at least few clients on the ballot. I knew or had met the majority of state, local and federal candidates for whom I got to vote. Heck, I even knew my precinct judge, so voting was easy. I have always voted early because I was usually too busy on Election Day with Get Out the Vote efforts to go vote myself. 

Today, I’ve early voted again and I care about the results tonight as much as I always did. I will be sitting in front of my computer obsesively refreshing my state and county voter websites and watching election returns on multiple television and cable channels, but tomorrow instead of closing down a campaign office, feeling bone tired from the hectic pace of the past 9 months, and needing to decide what’s next in my career, I will just go to work. I like that a lot better, but after all the years of being out of the game it still feels a little weird. I still feel the need to help turn out the vote even if my help is minimal at best. I still know voting for most of us will be the most patriotic thing we will ever get to do for our country. Voting, being involved, doing your homework and participating in the election process keeps us free. 

If you haven’t voted please exercise that right. Spend a little time reading about the rest of candidates on the ballot. The down ballot candidates and propositions effect your daily life more than the office of President so don’t stop at the top of the ticket. Issues for schools, roads and funding for public safety and health are often decided by the candidates down the ballot. 

Exercise your right as an American. Be a patriot. Encourage your friends, family and co-workers to do the same. Then if you are tired of watching the news, the Houston Zoo is livestreaming all day long on Facebook. For me to take my mind of things, I’m going to go see Vivi. I look forward to sharing with her all that my parents shared with me about this country and voting. One day she will be a patriot. 
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